All the ost products have one year of Warranty against any manufacturing defect, except Batteries of Emergency Lights that have six months warranty and their tubes/LED Bulbs have no warranty. Any defect in the product, will be repaired or replaced at our option during the Warranty Period. However, there is no warranty due to accident, misuse, improper installation, usage of wrong electrical supply/voltage, usage not in accordance with the operation instruction booklet, tampering in any manner and/or normal wear and tear.


  1. That the appliance shall be used solely for domestic purposes and not for any other purposes whatsoever and used strictly in accordance with the instruction for operation as provided by the manufacturers of the appliance.
  2. That if any time during the Warranty period any part or parts of this appliance is or are removed, altered, tampered, adjusted, modified, dismantled, repaired or handled in any way whatsoever by any person or persons not authorized by us, this warranty shall immediately cease to be valid and become void and of no effect whatsoever.
  3. Any appliance or defective part which has been replaced shall become the property of the Company.
  4. That the buyer shall produce sufficient documentary proof of purchase viz. purchase receipt, valid warranty card etc. of the appliance to the Service Centre/Mechanic of the Company to get the smooth service for the defected appliance.

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